About Reliance Family Clinics

illustration of people in a hospital and elements of healthcare

Reliance Family Clinics was developed by a team of doctors who set out to revolutionize and improve everything about the way we provide medical care in Nigeria.
At RFC, we designed a clinic that is patient-centered which means that everything we do is optimized for your comfort, ease and well-being.
By providing the gold-standard of medical care at an affordable rate, in a friendly, respectful and supportive environment, we empower every Nigerian with the ability to provide excellent healthcare for themselves and their families.

Our Values


We provide extended hours for busy working people


We work hard to bring you the best prices for our health care services and we remove unnecessary costs that inflate medicals bills

Comfortable environment

We ensure a clean and hygienic environment

Decreased wait times

We provide convenient scheduling to decrease time wasted waiting

Customer service

Our staff are friendly and eager to help you get the best out of your clinic visit

Gold-standard medical care

We ensure adherence to national and international treatment guidelines to give our patients the best medical care available anywhere

Community Outreach and Education

We are committed to supporting the communities we are in to improve the health of all